• Don’t Mismanage It

    Take advantage of the opportunity!
  • Don’t Rob Yourself Out Of It

    It was sent to prosper you!
  • You Will Never See The End

    You must begin to see the end!
  • Straighten Her Crown

    Be your sister’s keeper
  • Endure

    Don’t give up; get to the finish line!
  • You Can Conquer It

  • Life Experiences

    Bad experiences can mold and shape you!
  • She Believed

    When you start believing that you can, you will see that you can! Once you see that you can, you will do what you believed that you could do! Belie...
  • Use Your Own Ruler

    Oftentimes we get discouraged because it seems as if someone else is living their dream and we’re not. Oftentimes we get depressed because it seems...
  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

    Your flaws are God opportunities! Your scars are your testimonies! You are beautiful! You are amazing! You are strong! You are crowned with glory a...
  • Fall In Love With You Again

    Don’t let the hurt and pain from your past cause you to fall out of love with you! Don’t let your flaws and failures cause you to lower your self e...
  • LIFE

    Life is but a vapor! You can be here today and gone tomorrow! Life is short! Make memories! Make every moment count! Life is precious! Love! Be a...